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You are in the nature and surrounded by different creatures. Every creature tries to survive just like you. You have nothing more than others but one. You have an anomaly. Your anomaly is the ability to talk with the spirit of the nature. The spirit of the nature is trying to get rid of anomalies and create a balanced nature. It decides to utilize you for defeating other anomalies.

About Gameplay:

Your character has 4 attributes. These are strength, vitality, agility and intelligence. This time you are not going to choose which one will increase, directly. These attributes will increase according to what you do. For example; agility will increase as you walk or as you dodge from a projectile.
There are weapons that you can equip. You will earn new skills with weapons.

There are 3 different status which are “Slow”, “Immobilized” and “Poisoned”.


You have a dream. Gather items to realize your dream. Once you craft your dream item, it will disappear from your skill set. If you want a new dream, you need to find and drink a dream liquid.


You need to find a partner and make a baby. Once you have committed to your partner, there is no way back.

Party System

If you beat a living it may choose to obey you, when they do that you can accept or decline their obedience. Once you accept livings to your party, they will follow you. If their thirst or hunger is above certain threshold they will ignore party duties.


AI will not cheat at all. And can do whatever you do. It can gather items, craft items, form parties and start a family,


The Nature uses text files to get most of the parameters. You can change every living's and every item's all kind of parameters. You can change abilities' damage and status parameters. Also you can add new livings, new items, new blueprints, new ranged skills and even new quests. You can change/add musics and sound effects, too.
You can find the explanation in the moddable directory in the game's local files.


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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